Dubai properties: the most exquisite real estate in the emirate

Are you looking to buy property in Dubai? You may wish to consider apartments in the most exquisite real estate objects in Dubai.

Dubai is a superb, modern metropolis. It is hard to believe that several dozen years ago this place was a desert. Conversely, everything changed in a flash, when deposits of oil were discovered here. At present, Dubai is rightfully considered to be a major transport and economic hub for all the Middle East region, overshadowing even the capital of the UAE – Abu Dhabi.

Unsurprisingly, majority of exquisite real estate objects are located right here, in Dubai: many members of the royal families, Arab sheikhs, investors and businessmen from all over the world, who just love to lavish, demonstrating their high net worth status by procuring original and luxurious architectural designs for their homes and dwellings.

Absolutely every home in Dubai deserves special attention. Beyond doubt, this metropolis is a concentration of maximalism in everything:

  • the tallest skyscraper in the world;
  • The largest shopping malls in the world;
  • The most venturous projects, such as the development of artificial islands “The World” and “Palm”;
  • the most beautiful houses, apartments, villas etc.;

For those, who are considering making an investment in residential property a vast variety of choices are available:

  • Villas in the Beverly Hills style;
  • modern and uniquely designed housing options;
  • Real estate objects in Eastern style or old Italian style of construction, and much more.

Real Estate in Dubai in the Midtown Afnan residence 

This is a 46-storey magnificent skyscraper which offers a great view on «Palm Jumeirah» and Ferris wheel “Dubai Eye”. Residents here can enjoy the waters of the Persian Gulf year- round. It should also be noted that in the house has a direct access to the beach.

Real Estate in Dubai in Atria residential complex 

The 30-story residential complex is one of the most beautiful houses in Dubai, which is located in the heart of the business bay. Windows in apartments open to a picturesque view. In addition, all apartments in the complex offer four-star service, so that the owners of the apartments could enjoy all amenities of a luxury hotel.

Real Estate in Dubai in Dorra Bay residential complex 

The complex is located in “Dubai Marina”, on the banks of the Gulf, the most popular area of Dubai. The project is specifically designed so as the owners of the apartments can fully grasp the delightful scenery and enjoy the noise protection, given the proximity of busy highways.

Real Estate in Dubai in Azizi Mina residential complex

The complex is located in the most unique area of «Palm Jumeirah». Amazing artificial islands of the location are mainly built up with luxury villas in Arabic and Spanish styles. The total area of the complex is approximately 25 square kilometers.

Real Estate in Dubai in the Jumeirah Beach Residence residential complex 

The JBR complex is an excellent example of a skillful combination of the modern and traditional. It creates the impression that the houses in the complex emerged from the sand in the middle of a vast desert. However, as soon as you enter, you find yourself in ultra-modern designed interiors.

Real Estate in Dubai in the Damac Residenze skyscraper 

This is an 89-storey skyscraper with apartments the interiors for which were designed by the top architectural designers.

Become the owner of your own hotel room in Dubai !  

Real Estate in Dubai in Armada Towers skyscrapers 

Skyscrapers perhaps are those unique architectural structures which best correspond to the concept of development which the emirate follows: all the most exquisite, modern, high-tech and expensive, combined. Just imagine the view which opens from the penthouses on the top floors.

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