Resident visa of the Arab Emirates for a spouse or a child

When a person moves to the UAE for working or making business, issues on immigration of his family members arise as well.

If a person works in the UAE, he has a job resident visa; if he owns a company, he probably has an investor visa.

If his family members do not work or own a company, it is possible to issue visas for them under a special procedure. A person having visa can become a sponsor for his spouse or a child, which allows executing UAE resident visas for them.

Issuance of a resident visa UAE for a wife

To arrange issuance of a resident visa UAE for a wife and children, it is required that a husband earned not less than 3,000 dirham (818 USD), provided that a company he works at provided him a residential place. If a company did not provide a residential place, it is required that a husband’s income was not less than 4,000 dirham (1,090 USD).

Issuance of a resident visa UAE for a husband

If a wife works as a teacher, engineer, nurse, or in any medical sector, then to obtain a resident visa for a husband or children she should earn at least 3,000 dirham (818 USD), if a company she works at provided her with a residential place. If a residential place was not provided, she should earn at least 4,000 dirham (1,090 USD).

Under different circumstances requirements may vary; therefore, you need to verify them at the “General Directory for Residence and Foreigners Affairs” (GDRFA).

If a wife works in a sector different from mentioned above, then she needs to obtain permission from the “General Directory for Residence and Foreigners Affairs” (GDRFA or DNRD). Requirements to salary in this case are stricter; usually a salary of 8,000 dirham (2,180 USD) is required, provided that a company arranged a residential place. Precise requirements depend on various circumstances; therefore, you need to verify them at GDRFA.

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To obtain such visa, it is necessary to register a company in one of multiple free trade zones of the UAE. This visa later allows obtaining visas for all family members. Besides, a company allows you executing visas for your employees who are hired by this company, too.

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What documents are necessary for execution of a resident visa UAE for children or a spouse?

  • Application form.
  • Statement on salary and notarized hire agreement.
  • Bank statement for previous three months for permanent residents. Considering new residents, they may provide a bank statement for one month and a letter from a bank verifying transfer of a salary.
  • Notarized rental agreement.
  • “Emirates ID”, hire agreement or a labor card.
  • Certificate of marriage (certified by authorities of the UAE). Marriage can be contracted in the country of origin or in the UAE.
  • Originals and copies of passports of a sponsor and his/her family members.
  • Report on medical examination of an applicant’s spouse and children older 15 years, issued by an authorized medical institution.
  • Three passport-size photos of a spouse and family members of an applicant.
  • If a woman is a sponsor, she must provide an approval from GDRFA, if she does not work as a teacher, engineer, doctor, nurse, or in any medical sector.

Procedure of obtaining a resident visa UAE for a spouse

  • First you need to submit copies of all required documents to a center for submission of documents. An applicant will be given a printed application form. This will cost approximately 310 dirham (85 USD) for each family member (without account of payment for document printing).
  • Then you need to submit an application form, a copy of entry visa UAE (entry or tourist visa), a medical statement, and other documents to GDRFA for obtaining an approval.
  • In case where a spouse is outside the UAE when an application is being submitted, he/she needs to pass a medical examination, as well as to stamp a visa and execute “Emirates ID” within 60 days starting from the date of entry provided in an entry permit.
  • In case where a spouse is already in the UAE, he/she does not have to leave emirates. Upon passing the procedures required for changing the status of the visa from temporary to resident visa without leaving the UAE, it is necessary to pay 510 dirham (139 USD) (without account of the stamp price).
  • According to the legislation of the Arab Emirates, all dependants must have a basic medical insurance.

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