Obtaining UAE resident visa through registration of a company

This article analyzes the issues related to obtaining the UAE resident visa through registration of a company. Although such visa is considered an investor visa, you will not have to make any big investments in this case.

The Arab Emirates are the jurisdiction where residency is very hard to be obtained, while a resident visa can be obtained quite easily.

To obtain an investor visa UAE, all you have to do is register a company; meanwhile, such company may not perform any real business activity.

Such visa is usually issued for 3 years, after what it needs to be updated for next 3 years any number of times. At that, your company will have to exist, i.e. you will have to update your company as well – pay an annual fee for prolongation of a company.

The UAE provides several dozen special territories, free trade zones. In these free zones a company can be registered, but it can also be registered outside free zones. With the purposes of visa obtaining, it is more reasonable to register a company particularly in one of free trade zones. Each free zone defines its prices and rules for companies. By choosing the most appropriate free zone by price and terms, you may register a company there and obtain a resident visa.

In the Arab Emirates it is also possible to register an offshore company, but such company does not grant the right for obtaining visas.

Upon obtaining a resident visa, you may also obtain visas for your relatives (parents, spouse, children, or other related persons). To do this, you must provide documents certifying blood relations, as well as statements certifying the available assets for living of relatives in the UAE, and documents certifying the available place of residence.

To make a visa valid, you will have to visit the Arab Emirates at least once in every 180 days.

Registration of a company in the Arab Emirates for obtaining UAE resident visa

Selection of an appropriate free zone for registration of a company depends on how many visas you need.

it is possible to select a variant of a company that provides one visa; it is also possible to select a variant that provides, e.g. three visas. These three visas can be obtained, for example, by an owner of a company and two more employees of a company. Visas issued for relatives are not accounted here, i.e. you may register a company with one visa and may still issue several visas for your relatives.

Registration of a company for obtaining one visa UAE

To obtain one visa, we recommend to register a company in the free zone UAQ FTZ, which is located in the emirate Umm Al Quwain.

The fee for registration of such company is 3,700 dollars, later 3,150 dollars per year.

After registration you need to connect to the “e-channel”; the price is 660 dollars.

You also must pass a medical examination, which costs 235 dollars.

Execution of the “Emirates ID” is necessary; the price is 101 dollars.

The fee for resident visa UAE is 685 dollars.

Prompt sticking of a visa will cost 55 dollars.

Therefore, expenses on visa itself will make in total 1,075 dollars. The price of our services is 2,000 dollars.

In total, obtaining one resident visa UAE will only cost 7,435 dollars.

Meanwhile, you will have a registered company and will be able to make business (if needed). There are no taxes in the UAE, only VAT at rate 5%. Moreover, when goods are imported in a free zone and exported outward, no import or export duties need to be paid.

A company can be registered without arrival of an owner to the UAE, provided that he/she had already visited the Arab Emirates before and can provide his/her pages of passport with mark of entry. In that way, a customer only has to arrive for visa sticking.

In absence of an entry mark of the UAE, a customer has to visit emirates personally.

Our specialists provide full assistance in registration of a company and execution of UAE visa.

Registration of a company for obtaining two visas UAE

To obtain two visas, we recommend registering a company in the free zone UAQ FTZ.

In total, obtaining two resident visas UAE will cost 12,477 dollars.

Registration of a company for obtaining three visas UAE

To obtain three resident visas UAE, we recommend registering a company in the free zone “Creative City” located in the emirate Fujairah.

In total, obtaining three resident visas UAE will cost 16,910 dollars.

We help with obtaining UAE visa!

Obtaining UAE resident visa if a customer already has a company in the UAE

If you already have a company in the UAE, we will help to obtain resident visas through your company.

Price of our services in such case will be 910 dollars.

Tax residency of the UAE

Upon execution of a visa, you may also execute tax residency of the UAE.

Feel free to contact us; we will help to register a company and obtain a resident visa in the UAE!


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