How much will two resident visas UAE cost in 2020? — 12,500 dollars!

This article briefly describes the methods for obtaining two resident visas of the United Arab Emirates in 2020.

Why should you particularly choose the Arab Emirates for living and making business?

The Arab Emirates are the perfect jurisdiction for your business, as well as one of the most stable and wealthy countries in the world offering ideal conditions both for life and work. Under certain conditions, residents of the UAE may not only execute visas for their family members, but also may develop business under terms similar to local people. A visa UAE is issued for three years with an option of further prolongation.

Most of agreements on avoidance of double taxation and protection of mutual investments, which the Arab Emirates concluded with other countries, as well as transparent legislation, make the UAE a very attractive direction for making business. An international business obtains the possibility to operate and withdraw dividends without paying taxes, as well as using legal advanced instruments for protection from exchange of fiscal information on a final beneficiary.

Continuous development of the emirates and the new free zone

Free trade zone (FTZ) or free economic zone, or simply free zone is a certain region in the emirates that is a separate jurisdiction. Within each free zone a company can be established. Each free zone in the UAE has its own rules governing the operation of companies. The Arab Emirates have already established more than 40 different trade zones.

Recently, FTZ Dubai South and the UAE Space Agency had concluded an agreement on establishment of a new free zone in Dubai for companies engaged in the aviation-space sector. According to the signed agreement, all foreign investors who underwent registration and opened a company in the new free zone may independently, without participation of a local partner, manage their businesses (this is applicable for all free zones of the UAE).

Therefore, the government of the United Arab Emirates purposefully and based on the legislative framework attracts investments to the aviation-space sector. Currently, the following laws had been developed and provided for examination:

  • on tourism in space;
  • on trade and right of ownership for meteorites;
  • on mineral mining in space.

Meanwhile, spheres of interest of those investing in the space industry were considered.

It should be noted that 33% of shares of a foreign company, which plans to organize tourist and orbit flights, belongs to an innovative sector — the international foundation “Mabudala” located in Abu Dhabi.

You can also realize your dreams in the UAE as the government of this country provides many opportunities as for hired employees, so as for entrepreneurs.

Investor resident visa of the UAE

Obtaining in investor resident visa of the UAE is made through opening a company in the UAE. An investor visa of the Arab Emirates is issued for 3 years with an option of prolongation for next three years any number of times. With the purpose of UAE visa obtaining, a company can be opened in a free zone or outside.

Initially, the idea on creation of free zones in the United Arab Emirates was to create conditions for making certain business activity. For example, in Dubai there was created the free zoneа DIFC aimed for working with financial instruments, or the zone DMCC created for trade and exchange of goods. After several years had passed, administrations of FTZ decided not to limit the scope of potential customers-companies. Today in DMCC you may open a beauty shop, a clinic, a shop and many other. Therefore, when selecting a free trade zone you should not pay special attention to its name. If you are more about opening a company in a certain zone, you should verify this possibility at a local administration, as some free zones easily add a new type of activity to their lists while it does not contradict to the idea of this zone.

An offshore company opened in the UAE does not allow its founders to obtain resident visas of the emirates.

Opening companies in offshore zones will perfectly suit global trade and transactions. Such a company may:

  • open its account in a UAE bank;
  • have up to five types of activity under a license;
  • be a shareholder in any company of the emirates;
  • operate exclusively outside the UAE.

To update the validity of an investor visa UAE, it is necessary to arrive to the emirates at least once in every 180 days; besides, annual fees should be paid for renewal of an opened company through which UE visas were executed. A possibility of prolongation of UAE visa does not anyhow depend on absence or presence of an actively operating business.

To obtain a resident visa UAE, the most reasonable way is to choose a company of a free trade zone. Each free zone defines its regulations and prices for establishing of companies. By choosing the most appropriate FTZ by price and terms, you may register a company there and issue a resident visa UAE afterwards.

The procedure for collection and submission of necessary documents for obtaining UAE visa is quite complicated. Please contact us right now at [email protected] to be consulted and obtain full assistance in preparation of the required documents.

General characteristics of UAE investor visa

  • How to obtain an investor visa of the Arab Emirates?
    • Open a company in FTZ.
    • Open a company outside any FTZ UAE.
  • Any investments necessary for obtaining an investor visa UAE?
    • No.
  • Validity term of an investor visa UAE:
    • 3 years.
  • What is necessary for prolongation of an investor visa UAE?
    • Investor visa UAE is issued for 3 years with an option for prolongation for next three years any number of times. It is necessary to arrive in the UAE at least one in every 180 days. Annual fees should be paid for prolongation of an opened company through which UAE resident visa was executed.

A resident visa is not a mere decision to live in the UAE. Obtaining a visa almost equals you to citizens of the Arab Emirates and gives an opportunity to use virtually all benefits of this country, namely:

  • opening an account in the best banks of the world.
  • rent an apartment.
  • be hired on a well-paid job.
  • use all benefits of the tax policy UAE.
  • enjoy high-level infrastructure, high level of life and many other advantages.

Visa UAE for an investor — feel free to contact us right now!

Obtaining resident visas UAE through opening a company in FTZ

If you are not an owner of a company in the Arab Emirates, then our services on obtaining UAE visas will include services on establishment of a company in the emirates. Depending on how many UAE investor visas you need, we will recommend different variants of companies in different free zones. The price for opening a company will depend on the number of UAE visas you need.

Please note that time for registration of a company varies between emirates. For example, to register a company in Dubai you will need much more time (two weeks to one month) because of many requests obtained daily. At the same time, to register a company in other emirates you will need just a few days. It should be kept in mind that to perform certain types of activity you will need an additional permission from local regulatory bodies (Ministry of Defense, Healthcare, and other), which may prolong the term of company opening up to several months.

Establishing a company for obtaining one UAE visa

To obtain just one visa of the Arab Emirates, you may establish a company in the emirate Umm Al Quwain in the free zone “UAQ FTZ” (“Umm Al Quwain”).

  • Fee for opening such company, granting the right to obtain 1 visa UAE, is 13,579 dirham (3,700 dollars).
  • Renewal of a company requires an annual fee of 11,564 dirham (3,151 dollars).
  • After opening a company, you need to connect to the “e-channel” – this is the mandatory requirement of the immigration service of the UAE. The price of such connection is 2,430 dirham (662 dollars).
  • After that, you need to pass a medical examination at price 868 dirham (237 dollars).
  • Then, you need to obtain the “Emirates ID” at price 371 dirham (101 dollars).
  • Payment for visa of the Arab Emirates – 2,518 dirham (686 dollars).
  • Price of prompt sticking of UAE visa – 202 dirham (55 dollars).
  • Price of our services on registration of a company and execution of a resident visa UAE is 7,340 dirham (2 thousand dollars).
  • If you also need to open a personal bank account in the UAE, then the price of our assistance in registration of a company, execution of an investor visa UAE and opening a personal account in the bank of UAE will be 8,080 dirham (2,202 dollars).
  • In total, together with the price of our services and registration of a company, the price of obtaining one investor visa UAE will be 27,290 dirham (7,435 dollars).

Establishing a company in the UAE for obtaining two visas

To obtain two investor resident visas UAE, you may open a company in FTZ “Umm Al Quwain” (“UAQ FTZ”) in the emirate Umm Al Quwain.

  • Fee for registration of a company with the possibility of obtaining two visas is 20,634 dirham (5,622 dollars).
  • After opening a company, you need to connect to the “e-channel” – this is the mandatory requirement of the immigration service of the UAE. The price of such connection is 7,182 dirham (1,957 dollars) (of these 5 thousand dirham (1,360 dollars) — returnable deposit).
  • After that, you need to pass a medical examination at price 869 dirham (237 dollars) (for one person).
  • Then, you need to obtain the “Emirates ID” at price — price is 377 dirham (103 dollars) (for one person).
  • Payment for visa UAE – 2,510 dirham (685 dollars) (for one person).
  • Price of prompt sticking of UAE visa – 201 dirham (55 dollars) (for each person).
  • Price of our services on registration of a company in “UAQ FTZ” and execution of two visas of the Arab Emirates for investors will be 10,090 dirham (2,750 dollars).
  • If you also need to open a personal bank account in the UAE, then the price of our assistance in registration of a company and execution of 2 resident visas UAE increases up to 734 dirham (200 dollars) for opening each bank account in the Arab Emirates.
  • In total, together with the price of our services and registration of a company in the UAE, the price of obtaining 2 investor visas UAE will be 45,880 dirham (12,500 dollars).

A detailed planning and a well-thought arrangement allow making business profitable. Cooperation with the state bodies, correct execution of documents, and opening of a company in a country not known before – each of these stages may create certain obstacles for a non-resident investor. To cut down extra expenses and avoid mistakes, it is better to ask professional with great experience in organizing different business industries, who know all the peculiarities of operating in the selected market. Feel free to call or write to us right now!

Opening a company in the UAE in a free zone — another service offered by us!

Is it possible to open a company in the free zone “UAQ FTZ” without arrival of a founder to the UAE?

A company can be opened without arrival of a founder, if an upcoming owner of a company had already visited the emirates and can provide a scanned page of passport with a mark of entry. In such a case, a founder will only have to arrive to the Arab Emirates for sticking a visa UAE, which greatly saves time. If there are no UAE entry marks in a passport, a personal arrival to the emirates is necessary.

Resident visa UAE for family members

By obtaining a resident visa UAE, it is possible to obtain a resident visa UAE for the so called “dependant persons” (children, parents, spouse). A visa for family members can be only executed for close relatives; a certain set of corresponding documents must be provided for its issuance.

To execute such UAE visa for family members, you need to provide documents verifying blood relations. Moreover, you need to provide documents verifying the available assets for living of relatives in the territory of the emirates. Also, it is necessary to provide documents verifying the available apartment for living of relatives (certificate of ownership right for an apartment or a rental agreement).All these documents must be legalized.

To let a husband obtain a resident visa UAE for his children and wife, his income must be not less than 4 thousand dirham (1,091 dollars) (this condition depends on citizenship of a husband and is constantly changing).

Nevertheless, to let a wife obtain resident visas UAE for a husband and children, her income must be not less than 10,000 dirham (2,724 dollars). Meanwhile, if a wife works in a company and a company provided her an apartment in the UAE, then her income must be not less than 7 тthousand dirham (1,912 dollars). These requirements to income of a wife are just approximate; they are constantly changing and depend on citizenship of a wife and each certain case.

If children are of different gender, then an apartment must have a separate room.

In case where UAE visas are necessary for parents, then an income of a sponsor must be not less than 20 thousand dirham (5,451 dollars).

It should be mentioned that in many FTZ, when issuing a certificate of income for a company founder, a predefined income 20,000 dirham (5,450 dollars) is stated.

Why should we not worry when moving to the Arab Emirates with family?

Healthcare in the UAE: medicine available for all

The UAE have many private medical institutions that provide medical services of high quality to non-residents. Most clinics have the JCI accreditation. Personnel of such clinics got trained and practiced at the best medical centers of the world and speak most of the popular languages: English, Russian, French, and German. The maximum developed and desirable trends are: dentistry, oncology, traumatology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, endocrinology, and orthopedics.

Expatriates of the Arab Emirates may obtain free medical help only in case of emergency. Nevertheless, in the absence of a policy or a card of medical insurance a patient will probably have to pay a part of the provided services.

Education system in the Arab Emirates

The UAE, just as other countries of the world, applies a multi-level system of education available for everyone.

Preschool education.

In preschool institutions, children from 4 to 6 years are educated. Here they learn to read, write and counts, as well as learn Arabian language. Usually girls and boys are educated separately, but today there are private schools in the UAE that combine all children into one group.

School education.

School education is mandatory and provides teaching of children at age 6 to 15 years. Obtaining such education is absolutely free for citizens of the UAE and is charged for non-residents. Girls and boys are taught together; no dividing intro groups. Besides, there are no multiple teaching programs; therefore, non-resident children together with citizens of the UAE will learn not only European sciences, but Islamic subjects as well.

Higher education.

State higher education institutions of the UAE are open only for citizens of the emirates; a non-resident cannot attend them even on a paid basis. Here European sciences, international methods of teaching and practical classes are almost absent. Education mostly relates to teaching of Islamic subjects. To let foreign students get higher education, special campuses are arranged in the territory of country. It should be noted that such campuses are arranged not by the state but by countries for their students. Therefore, with the permission of the government in the territories of the Arab Emirates campuses of universities of the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain are located. These campuses host foreign students and provide education under an international program. At the end of the teaching course all graduates of universities obtain diplomas of an international level.

Safety in the UAE

The Arab Emirates are one of the safest countries in the world with a low level of criminality. Here you may walk down the streets at any time of the day and feel absolutely safe. Strict laws, immigration control and application of new technologies in the sphere of social security promote the general safety of population.

If you have any questions regarding this issue or want to open a company in this wealthy state, or need help in execution of a visa, please contact us for advice at: [email protected] .   


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