Tax residency of UAE – certificate of UAE tax residency for natural person with UAE visa – 1,180 USD

To obtain maximum financial benefit, we offer you to take privileges of UAE tax residency and obtain the certificate of UAE tax residency for a natural person (“Tax Domicile Certificate”).

This service is designed for those who already have UAE visa; if you have not yet obtained UAE visa, please contact us – we will help you to become a tax resident of UAE as a natural person in the most comfortable way. We also help with obtaining UAE visas.

Currently, in the era of globalization, the place of obtaining income is not limited by certain geographical point; sources of income can be spread worldwide. An aggregate income may come from sources located in different countries. Meanwhile, each country aims to tax incomes of its residents and incomes received n its territory. To avoid double taxation and payment of one and the same tax twice by businessmen, different countries including UAE conclude agreements on avoidance of double taxation. Conclusion of such an agreement between two countries obliges their tax bodies to differentiate taxpayers by residency. A tax domicile certificate helps taxpayers to take advantages of agreement on avoidance of double taxation.

Benefits of UAE tax residency

Agreements on avoidance of double taxation that UAE concluded with many countries are bilateral contracts, which aim to support interests of non-residents in UAE originating from other tax jurisdictions and willing to use benefits of UAE.

There are no taxes on private or corporate income in UAE; VAT is only 5%. The government does not impose any tax obligations on people who plan to be tax residents of UAE. Any natural person – UAE resident who has a UAE visa applied in passport for more than 180 days, and is ready to provide all necessary documents to the Ministry of Finances UAE, may obtain the tax domicile certificate of UAE and take advantages of the agreement on avoidance of double taxation, i.e. may obtain tax benefits in his/her country.

The certificate is valid for 1 year.

If you do not have a resident visa UAE, then for obtaining the certificate you need first to obtain UAE visa. The easiest way to do that is to establish a resident company in UAE. Such companies include companies in free economic zones in UAE.

Registration of company in UAE is another service offered by us!

Obtaining tax domicile certificate in UAE

List of countries for which the tax domicile certificate UAE can be issued

Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, China, Venezuela, Egypt, Brunei, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Sri Lanka, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Belgium, Thailand, Spain, Lebanon, Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Montenegro, Algeria, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Fiji, Hungary, Guinea, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Malta, Poland, Mozambique, Seychelles, Serbia, Slovenia, Singapore, Sudan, Tunisia, Philippines, Turkey, Romania, Yemen, Switzerland, Vietnam, Syria, and Mexico.

Documents necessary for obtaining the tax domicile certificate in UAE

  • Copy of passport.
  • Copy of “Emirates ID”.
  • Copy of UAE visa.
  • Bank statements for recent 6 months, certified by the bank.
  • Copy of a rental agreement for an apartment (or copy of “Title of Deed” verifying the right of ownership for an apartment).
  • Verification of source of income / “salary certificate”.
  • Extract from the Immigration Service stating number of days that the person had been in UAE.
  • Tax forms from the country where the certificate will be provided (if available).
  • Copy of company license with names of partners – for holders of UAE investor visa.
  • Copy of marriage certificate and documents of a spouse from the first six items for holders of the “husband visa”.

Price for obtaining the tax domicile certificate in UAE

Our services 2,020 dirham (550 dollars)
State fee 2,315 dirham (630 dollars)
Total 4,335 dirham (1,180 dollars)

Procedure of obtaining tax domicile certificate in UAE

An employer company must transfer you the salary for 6 months, after that you may file an application and documents for obtaining the tax domicile certificate in UAE.

A tax domicile certificate is issued by the UAE Ministry of Finances and is provided for tax bodies of the certain country where a person plans to verify his/her UAE tax residency. Meanwhile, the country should have an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with UAE.

The certificate is valid for 1 year.

The process of obtaining the tax domicile certificate UAE takes around 10 working days since obtaining all necessary documents on your part. 

Please contact us at [email protected] so that our specialists could professionally advise you on obtaining of the certificate.

After that, you should pay for our services using a bank card, WebMoney, Western Union, or a bank transfer. The price is 1,180 dollars.

Upon receiving payment, we start to prepare necessary documents and information for issuance of the tax domicile certificate UAE.

Feel free to contact us also if you wish to obtain the certificate of UAE tax residency for a company.

Please contact us at [email protected] right now, and we will help you to obtain the tax domicile certificate UAE for a natural person quickly and without extra costs!


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