Moving for better medical services. A review of UAE immigration option – price and benefits

Which country is better to move for a better medical service? We examine the advantages of the UAE variant, as well as the price of obtaining UAE visas for the entire family.

Wealth, prosperity and beauty – these particular words describe the United Arab Emirates most precisely. This fantastic region was created on a place where just a few decades ago only sand was seen around. Oil is one of the most important but is not the only pride of the Arabian Peninsula: this unique country aims to become the best in every sector. With this article, we provide a review of how the UAE government treats the health of its population; we will particularly examine the issues of medicine and healthcare in the emirates.

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Medicine and healthcare in the UAE — what to expect when immigrating to the emirates?

A high-quality medicine had always been one of the top priorities of the Arab Emirates. The policy of the Ministry of Health and Prevention of the Arab Emirates aims to provide the population of the country complex medical services, including:

  • Primary and specialized medical help;
  • Preventive and therapeutic services;
  • Clinical treatment.

Besides, the Ministry had expanded the list of medical services, which now includes:

  • Aged people care;
  • Treatment of diabetes;
  • Dental services (dentistry in the UAE is an unbeaten leader among countries of the Middle East);
  • Laboratory tests;
  • X-ray examinations.

The Ministry of Health takes all measures to develop medicine in the country.

The Arab Emirates may be proud of hospitals with the widest scope of medical services for citizens of the UAE and non-residents. Hospitals provide not only a high level of services, but also a high level of patient care for those in need. Each big hospital provides the possibility of in-patient and out-patient treatment, including in-patient surgical and medical services, long-term care and 24/7 emergency care.

Foreign citizens, just as citizens of the UAE, may address state hospitals for provision of free or very cheap medical help. To obtain such help, it is necessary to provide the card of state medical insurance, “Health Card”, which is issued in mandatory order to everyone who got permission for living in the Arab Emirates based on a job or investor visa (every 3 years). The card is valid for 1 year; renewal of the card is not necessary. Nevertheless, those who want to have an access to free or cheap medical services should renew this card.

An alternative option of the “Health Card” is a medical insurance issued by one of private insurance companies. Still, obtaining the “Health Card” in issuance or renewal of a visa is mandatory. Holders of policies of private insurance companies are sometimes denied in allocated planned services by state hospitals. Emergency help in the UAE is provided to everyone without exception, but citizens who had not renewed the “Health Card” might bear extra expenses due to payment of certain provided medical services. 

Equipping of state hospitals is as good as private ones, and even exceeds most of them by certain criteria. The only drawback of state hospitals is big queues, while prices are the drawback of private clinics.

To obtain the “Health Card” you need:

  • Resident visa
  • Copy of passport.
  • Letter from a current sponsor.
  • Application.
  • Two photos of a passport format.

The validity term of the “Health Card” for citizens of the UAE is 4 years; for non-residents 1 year.

The price of obtaining the “Health Card” for non-residents:

  • For foreign citizens at age up to 9 years – 27 USD (100 dirham).
  • For foreign citizens at age 10 to 17 years – 55 USD (200 dirham).
  • For foreign citizens older 17 years – 82 USD (300 dirham).

Additional payment of 55 USD (200 dirham) is necessary for passing the medical examination.

Medical tourism in the Arab Emirates – another reason to obtain visas UAE

Over last years the UAE had seen a significant increase of medical tourism. More and more people are choosing the UAE to improve their health. This happen for a reason; the Arab Emirates provide top-quality medical services just as vacations in the best place of the world.

Most of medical institutions operating in the UAE had undergone the international accreditation JCL, which certifies a high professional level and global recognition.

It is safe to say that the Arab Emirates had honestly earned a reputation of a country with a very high level of national healthcare system, which made the emirates an international center of medical tourism.

Pharmacy network in the UAE – what to be aware of when moving to the UAE?

Basic drugs (cough and analgesic preparations) in the Arab Emirates, which are available without prescription, can be bought at supermarkets. Drugs available upon prescription can be bought at pharmacies, most of which are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Saturday to Thursday.

Import of drugs must be prepared for not more than 12 months. You should have a doctor’s prescription or recommendation with you. Import of drug preparations containing narcotic substances is only possible with a prior permission of the Ministry of Health. The more detailed information can be obtained in the Ministry of Health.

Veterinary services in the UAE

The UAE have a wide network of veterinary clinics, as well as dog hotels. Import and export of dogs is governed by corresponding regulatory acts.

The list of the most popular veterinary clinics in the UAE:

  • The Australian Vet.
  • The Veterinary Hospital.
  • The British Vet.

If you plan to live in this beautiful country alone or with family, and want to use the best services in the healthcare sector, you may execute a resident visa through opening a company in the UAE.

Obtaining a resident visa UAE for an investor

Free trade zones or free economic zones (briefly – FTZ), or free zones are limited territories within the UAE that are separate jurisdictions. Within each FTZ a company can be established. Each certain free zone of the UAE has its rules and laws governing the operation of companies.

The Arab Emirates have already opened more than 40 free zones with different specializations.

Obtaining an investor visa of the Arab Emirates is possible through registration of a company in the UAE. UAE investor visa is issued for 3 года, with an option of prolongation for next 3 years any number of times. To obtain UAE visa, a company can be opened in a free trade zone or outside free zones.

An offshore company opened in the emirates does not grant the right to claim for issuance of UAE visa.

To prolong an investor resident visa UAE, it is necessary to arrive to the Arab Emirates every 180 days. Meanwhile, an owner has to pay annual fees for prolongation of an established company, through which visas of the UAE were issued. An option for prolongation of a visa UAE does not depend on absence or presence of an entrepreneurial activity.

To execute a visa UAE, it will be more reasonable to establish a company in FTZ. Each particular FTZ has its rules and prices for opening companies. By choosing the most appropriate free zone by price and terms, you will be able to register your company there and obtain a resident visa UAE.

UAE visa for opening of a company in the emirates!

Main peculiarities of UAE investor visa
How can be investor visa UAE obtained? Establishing company in free zone
Establishing company outside territories of any free zones UAE
Do I have to make any investments to execute UAE investor visa? Investments are not necessary
Validity term of UAE investor visa 3 years
Terms for prolongation of UAE investor visa? UAE investor visa is issued for 3 года, with an option of prolongation for next 3 years any number of times. You will have to arrive to the UAE every 180 days. It is necessary to pay annual fees for renewal of an established company through which UAE visa was issued.

The procedure for collection and submission of necessary documents for execution of a visa is quite complicated. Please contact our specialists right now at: [email protected] to get advice on the issue, as well as support in preparation of documents.

Obtaining visas UAE for investors through opening a company within any free trade zone of the emirates

If you are not an owner of a company in the UAE, then our services on execution of UAE visas also include the service for opening a company in emirates. Depending on how many UAE investor visas is needed, we recommend different variants of companies in different FTZ in emirates. The price for establishment of such company depends on the number of visas you need.

Registration of a company with the purpose of obtaining a single UAE investor visa

To execute a single UAE visa for an investor, we offer to establish a company in the emirate Umm Al Quwain in FTZ “Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone”.

  • Fee of FTZ for opening a company with the possibility of obtaining one resident visa UAE is 3,700 USD (13,579 dirham).
  • Renewal of a company requires an annual fee of 3,150 USD (11,561 dirham).
  • After opening a company, you need to connect to the “e-channel” – this is the mandatory requirement of the immigration service of the UAE. The price of such connection is 660 USD (2,423 dirham).
  • After that, you need to pass a medical examination at price 235 USD (863 dirham).
  • Then, you need to obtain the “Emirates ID” at price 101 USD (371 dirham).
  • Payment for visa of the Arab Emirates – 685 USD (2,514 dirham).
  • Price of prompt sticking of UAE visa – 55 USD (202 dirham).
  • Price of our services on registration of a company in “UAQ FTZ” and execution of a resident visa UAE is 2 thousand USD (7,340 dirham).
  • If you also need to open a personal bank account in the UAE, then the price of our assistance in registration of a company in FTZ “UAQ FTZ”, execution of an investor visa UAE and opening a personal account in the bank of UAE will be 2,200 USD (8,074 dirham).
  • In total, together with the price of our services and registration of a company, the price of obtaining one investor visa UAE will be 7,435 USD (27,287 dirham).

Registration of a company in the United Arab Emirates in a free trade zone – a service offered by us!

Is it possible to open a company in the free zone “UAQ FTZ” without arrival of a founder to the UAE?

A company can be opened without arrival of a founder, if an upcoming owner of a company had already visited the emirates and can provide a scanned page of passport with a mark of entry. In such a case, a founder will only have to arrive to the Arab Emirates for sticking a visa UAE, which greatly saves time. If there are no UAE entry marks in a passport, a personal arrival to the emirates is necessary.

Obtaining resident visa UAE for a spouse, children or parents

By obtaining a resident visa UAE, it is possible to obtain a resident visa UAE for the so called “dependant persons” (children, parents, spouse). A visa for family members can be only executed for close relatives; a certain set of corresponding documents must be provided for its issuance.

To execute such UAE visa for family members, you need to provide documents verifying blood relations. Moreover, you need to provide documents verifying the available assets for living of relatives in the territory of the emirates. Also, it is necessary to provide documents verifying the available apartment for living of relatives (certificate of ownership right for an apartment or a rental agreement).All these documents must be legalized.

To let a husband obtain a resident visa UAE for his children and wife, his income must be not less than 4 thousand dirham (1,090 dollars) (this condition depends on citizenship of a husband and is constantly changing).

Nevertheless, to let a wife obtain resident visas UAE for a husband and children, her income must be not less than 10,000 dirham (2,725 USD). Meanwhile, if a wife works in a company and a company provided her an apartment in the UAE, then her income must be not less than 7 thousand dirham (1,908 USD). These requirements to income of a wife are just approximate; they are constantly changing and depend on citizenship of a wife and each certain case.

If children are of different gender, then an apartment must have a separate room.

In case where UAE visas are necessary for parents, then an income of a sponsor must be not less than 20 thousand dirham (5,450 USD).

It should be mentioned that in many FTZ, when issuing a certificate of income for a company founder, a predefined income 20,000 dirham (5,450 USD).

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact us for advice at[email protected] .